Sri Lanka

Traveling to Sri Lanka was both exhilarating physically and mentally. It fell 6 months after the adoption of my daughter, Corinne. Spending 3 weeks practically on the other side of the world was difficult. The year was 1999 and technology was not what it is today. The project was slated to be a book, but due to circumstances beyond my control, never came to fruition. The result though, was a incredible opportunity to discover this exotic country.

Along the way I met and talked to so many people and learned about life in this distant region of the world. The people were always hospitable and would readily invite me into their home for “a cup of tea”. They taught me about their country’s history as Ceylon and its reputation for the finest tea in the world.

I feel so privileged as a photographer to be able to connect to cultures other then my own. It was with extreme sadness and helplessness as I watched the story of the 2004 tsunami unfold.  I remember and honor the many wonderful people and families that lived in small shacks on the affected beaches. 

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