China hold a special place in my heart as it’s the country of the origin for my 2 wonderful daughters Corinne and Sophia. I first visited the country as part of an annual report job for Densply International. Lisa, my wife accompanied me as my assistant on the job, as she’s never one to miss out on an adventure, that and the fact that the trip ended in Paris on Valentines Day. We were at that time in the beginning of our adoption process and hadn’t decided from what country we would adopt, but at breakfast on our first morning there it was a unanimous choice that China would be the country as we knew about the plight of the girls, being put up for adoption because of several factors that I will address at some point in my Snippets of Life.

On our first adoption trip I decided to do a series of images using infra-red back & whites film shot on a Hasselblad X-Pan, which is a 6 by 17 format. They are silver prints originally but have been digitized as a way of using less chemicals that would get dumped down the drain.

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