In his series, Interwoven, Spartana creates dreamlike landscapes by combining the human form with multiple organic elements. It continues a concept from his earlier study, “Human-Nature,” which explored the interplay of black and white forms overlaid with details of flowers. Here, he expands the use of natural elements to include landscapes and details of nature during times of growth and decay.

Spartana says they are “like the strata of memories. The mirrored surface of water reflects skylight into a hidden hollow, revealing something new, yet familiar. The patterns of leaves or sedimentary rocks naturally suggest intricate tattoos. These compositional layers of elements give the viewer reason to look closer, to see beneath the surface. The interplay between the human form, organic elements, and the landscape create incredible beauty for me, as they are intertwined on earth, coexisting as one. We are of the earth, and how we treat our environment affects all of us.”

This group serves as a study for future works. They are archival pigment prints on Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper. Images are 10.12″ by 18″ and are in editions of 6, the price for unframed prints is $250, if interested feel free to contact me.

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