Human Nature

Contained in nature are the most beautiful shapes, forms and color.  Flowers have always captivated me with their incredible beauty and variety. I’ve always been captivated by the flower paintings of Georgia O’Keefe, her sensual forms. As a photographic artist, I was intrigued by her aesthetics. So started my journey to create images that were based upon Ms. O’Keefe’s paintings, and take a somewhat different approach.  At this time, I was embarking on a study of the human form and felt the desire to marry the flower and figurative images together.

The Human-Nature series is a collection of photographs shot on various films including Velvia, B & W infra-red, polaroid color 35mm, and hi-contrast polaroid B & W. The images are married onto a single piece of film with a Bessler slide duplicator forming a intricate blend of forms, light and color.

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